If you’re visiting this page, it’s because you want to find out a little bit more about us. So sit back and relax with a cup of tea as you learn about our history… you’re going to like it (or at least we hope so!).

We’ll start with a story that everyone knows: MiiN Cosmetics was created to bring you the best of what South Korea has to offer… its cosmetics! Korean cosmetics brands are world-renowned in beauty and skin care.

At MiiN Cosmetics, we carefully select the best products in Asia so you can enjoy their excellent quality and irresistible design.

Lilin Yang

Now, on to the personal story that we only tell our closest friends: Lilin Yang is the founder of MiiN Cosmetics, and if you’ve ever visited our store in Barcelona, you’ve probably met her! Originally from YiChang, a city in the HuBei province of China, she fell in love with Spain after reading about it in a Taiwanese novel. When it was time for her to choose her dream destination, it was more than clear. For Lilin, MiiN Korean Cosmetics is a dream come true. In addition to being a makeup artist, she’s a loyal devotee and user of Korean cosmetics, so there’s no brand, tip or trick she doesn’t know.

Another of her passions is travel, thanks to which we can now enjoy the best of Korean cosmetics right here in Europe, brought to you by MiiN. During her travels, she observed an overwhelming demand. Women all over Asia waited in long lines at Korean cosmetics shops to buy their coveted products – she’d never seen anything like it before in Europe! She was sure that as soon as European women tried out Korean cosmetics, they would fall in love with the results, and that’s exactly what happened.

In October of 2014 we opened our first store in Barcelona (c/ Pau Claris, 110), and two months later, we launched our online store on this very website. In August of 2015, we opened another store in the centre of Madrid (c/ Fuencarral, 91, to be exact), and in March of 2016 we made the leap outside of Spain and began expanding to other countries in Europe. Munich was the next location we chose to continue our growth, where anyone who wishes can come pay us a visit.

Our idea is to continue opening more and more stores to be closer to our customers. Feel free to email us with suggestions for where you’d love to find a MiiN store – we love hearing new ideas (and yes, although it seems impossible, we read all of your emails and love being in touch with people from all over the world). If you’d like to contact us, just send us an email at info@miin-cosmetics.com.

If you have anything you’re curious about, take a look at our frequently asked questions page where we’ve tried to respond to your top questions: FAQ’s

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