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Routine Headband


1 ITEM (€822.00 / 100ITEM)


Velvety headband to keep your hair or fring out of the way while you apply the products in your skin care routine.

You've always wanted one, admit it! You've imagined yourself wearing it during your routine so many times. Your fringe and that hair that always gets in the way will no longer be an issue, as you can tame them with this adorable headband. With no hair in the way, you’ll enjoy your beauty routine even more! It will also keep your hair from getting wet when you cleanse your face or apply masks. It might not sound like a big deal, but you have to agree that it can be a little annoying. Oh, you can also wear it while you apply makeup. 

100% polyester
Wear this headband before you start your routine and enjoy your special me time" even more! It can be hand- and machine-washed. It will stay just as soft after you wash it!"
We designed it in South Korea and you can only fin it here and at our physical stores. It's a MiiN exclusive!
Put the headband on before you start your routine.