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Advent Calendar 2021


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    The MiiN Cosmetics 2021 Advent Calendar is now available — it features a selection of the best Korean cosmetics for your skin to flourish this year. Remember that last year's calendar sold out in a matter of days… Make sure you get yours! It's worth over €185 and we'll ship it to you for free.

    The day that so many of you have been waiting for is finally here: the best Korean cosmetics Advent calendar in the world is now available, and we're going to tell you all about it.
    The exquisite selection of products in this beauty Advent calendar is designed to welcome 2022 and all the good things it's going to bring with the best version of your skin! This year's calendar is inspired by one of the most beautiful wonders of nature: flowers. But why flowers? We want you to see your own beauty as a flower. Each flower is unique and one of a kind, beautiful in its own way, and deserves all the pampering and care it can get. All flowers are worthy — just like every face and body. We've created this calendar for you to love yourself like the flower you are — do so through a journey during which you'll discover small treasures, new products and best-selling Korean cosmetics, packed with delicate flower extracts
    We've created an enchanting calendar, decorated with so many details and with all the flowers that inspire us. You'll want to keep it to store your little treasures, like jewelry, mementos, your favourite makeup items… Inside, we've hidden 24 surprises that are some of the most elegant and efficient products available at MiiN, for you to truly flourish this holiday season.
    Serums, toners, cleaners, essences, hair products and the 2021 best-selling eye cream in full size format… You'll find everything that's on your wishlist and so much more!
    We recommend you try to be patient and open only one drawer a day, so you can give yourself a gift every day. Open it with the rest of us from December 1 at @miincosmetics! But if you simply can't resist... we'll understand! It makes the perfect gift for a friend... or for yourself — your skin will be forever grateful! Spoiler alert: We're about to unveil the products you'll find inside this amazing box:

    Coconut cleansing oil, by Aromatica 20 ml
    Multi-active hydrating cream, by Lapothicell 10 g
    Cold press avocado nourishing scalp pack, by Rated Green 50 ml
    Niacinamide & green tea eye serum, by Ondo Beauty 36.5 15 ml
    Vinegar kombucha essence, by Juice to Cleanse 20 ml
    Fresh peeling mask, by Shangpree 10 ml
    Deep green tea toner, by Benton 30 ml
    White rain perfumed hand cream, by Skybottle 15 ml
    Houttuynia cordata care toner, by All Natural 30 ml
    Real shea protein recharging leave-in treatment, by Rated Green 37.5 ml
    Self aesthetic rose hydrogel lip patch, by G9SKIN 3 g
    All day vitamin brightening & balancing facial serum, by Helloskin 5 ml
    Collagen power firming eye cream, by Mizon 10 ml
    Let's carrot moisture cream, by Benton 12 g
    Houttuynia cordata care cream, by All Natural 15 ml
    Vitalizing rosemary concentrated essence, by Aromatica 30 ml
    Viva la pink perfumed hand cream, by Skybottle 15 ml
    Moist toner tissue + Velvet cleansing sheet, by Beaudiani 5 ml + 8 ml
    Centella calming barrier cream, by Barr 15 ml
    Charcoal & yuja bubble mask, by Ondo Beauty 36.5 25 ml
    Relax day hand mask, by Village 11 Factory 15 g
    White in milk toner, by G9SKIN 50 ml
    Power wash, by Juice to Cleanse 10 x 12 g
    Deep green tea lotion, by Benton 20 g

    Click on each product to know its composition!
    Make sure you look at the dates and open the right drawer of this adorable calendar each day. On the outside of each drawer, you'll find the day you're supposed to open it and the floral extract in the product inside (also in Korean). It's like a clue! Try and guess the product you'll find inside and get ready for 24 days of absolute joy!
    This Advent calendar comes with a little surprise. Show us how your skin flourishes and share your calendar on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, using the hashtag #miincosmetics. You can win a 100% custom-made skincare routine!
    1. Oil-based cleanser
    2. Water based cleaner
    3. Scrub
    4. Toner
    5. Mask
    6. Essence
    7. Serum
    8. Eye contour
    9. Moisturizer or lotion
    10. Night mask, sunscreen, BB cream or cushion
    Tanya M.
    The packaging is absolutely beautiful! I have yet to try the product s as I will wait until the start of December to open it. I will review each product then.
    Ibanez duran V.
    I haven’t tried it yet as I am waiting until December but it is so 😍 pretty!! I just was a bit sad that it had a small mark on the box 😭